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Hey World, hello!

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This is Hey World, hello! in all languages I can remember to have built working software, either for production, prototyping or academic projects.

Javascript and Typescript

Starting with Javascript, I've spent about 7 years working with it and I still got mixed feelings. The language itself is far from being perfect but it is improving quite well since ES6 and Typescript releases:

console.log('Hey World, hello!')


The first language I used for dynamic web pages, it was on version 4 back then. Later I've used it for production level applications using Yii and CodeIgniter MVC frameworks.

<?php echo "Hey World, hello!"; ?>


UNIX shell script is such a powerful tool, invest time improving bash skills, it will worth it.

echo "Hey World, hello!"


Means Moon in Portuguese. A powerful, lightweight scripting language widely used in gaming platforms. I've used it to develop a mobile game using Corona SDK (2D game engine):

print("Hey World, hello!")


Proprietary scripting language to build channels for Roku TV streaming platforms. You need to build nearly everything from scratch as community (and open-source libs) basically don't exist.

1? "Hey World, hello!"


I used C in academic projects for example to build a simple chat with Socket-based IPC (InterProcess Communication)

printf("Hey %s, %s!", "World", "hello");


Everybody knows a little bit of JAVA, right? I'm more into functional programming now although well designed OOP application has its own place in my heart.

System.out.println("Hey World, hello!");


Only used for academic projects in a very similar way to Java. Used to demonstrate design patterns and good practises:

Console.WriteLine("Hey World, hello!");

Assembly (8051 Architecture)

This is the funny on.. During my academic path I had to code running programs for AT80S51 microcontroller, you need to be careful or you might mistake a R0 by RO as I did (and took me nearly 3 days to figure it out). Obviously I can't code it anymore but here is an example I took from here:

3MOV A,#'H'
5MOV A,#'E'
7MOV A,#'Y'

Wolfram Mathematica

Similar to MatLab, this software is very powerful when it comes to applied science and mathematics. I've used it only on academic environment.

Print["Hey World, hello!"]


This is a classic! Used to play with it when in high school to build simple UI apps and impress my friends :D

MsgBox "Hey World, hello!"

I've played with other languages like Go, Dart and Rust but never built something with it.

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