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Hey World, hello!

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This is Hey World, hello! in all languages I can remember to have built working software, either for production, prototyping or academic projects.


Starting with Javascript (and its relatives), the one I've spent about 6 years of my live working with and I still got mixed feelings as the language it self is far far from perfect but it's improving quite well since ES6 release:

console.log('Hey World, hello!')


The first language I used for dynamic web pages, it was on version PHP4 back then. Later I've used it for production level applications using Yii and CodeIgniter MVC frameworks.

<?php echo "Hey World, hello!"; ?>


UNIX shell script is such a powerful tool, invest time improving bash skills, it will worth it.

echo "Hey World, hello!"


Means Moon in Portuguese. A powerful, lightweight scripting language widelly used in gaming platforms. Ive used to develop an mobile game using Corona SDK (2D game engine):

print("Hey World, hello!")


Proprietary scripting language to build channels for Roku TV streaming platforms. You need to build nearly everything from scratch as community (and open-source libs) basically don't exit.

1? "Hey World, hello!"


I used C in academic projects for example to build a simple chat with Socket-based IPC (InterProcess Communication)

printf("Hey %s, %s!", "World", "hello");


Everybody knows a little bit of JAVA, right? I'm more into functional programming although well designed OOP application making use of design patterns and good practises has its place in my heart.

System.out.println("Hey World, hello!");


Only used in academic projects, what I've said in Java fist here as well. Note in OOP, this line goes in a class method:

Console.WriteLine("Hey World, hello!");

Assembly (8051 Architecture)

This is the funny on.. During my academic path I had to code running programs for AT80S51 microcontroller, you need to be careful or you might mistake a R0 by RO as I did (and took me nearly 3 days to figure it out). Obviously I can't code it anymore but here is an example I took from here:

3MOV A,#'H'
5MOV A,#'E'
7MOV A,#'Y'

Wolfram Mathematica

Similar to MatLab, this software is very powerful when it comes to applied science and mathematics. I've used it obviously in academic environment.

Print["Hey World, hello!"]


This is a classic! Used to play with it when in high school to build simple UI apps and impress my friends :D

MsgBox "Hey World, hello!"

I've played with other languages like Go, Dart and Rust but never built something cool with it.

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