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I am a Software Engineer focused on web development, code maintenance and DevOps culture. I have a B.Sc. on Informatics Engineering (Computer Science) by Universidade da Madeira where I had the opportunity to explore computer science from computing theory to some electronics and software engineering. Right after, I continued my education with a M.Sc. degree to consolidate my knowledge in the area. My master's thesis was based on an internship and approaches the web advertising / monetising web platforms, and the maturity level of a company.

About the Web, I've been exploring it since the 2005 when I first built a very basic website. It was in fact my first application! Later in 2013, I tried to launch a product with other 2 colleagues after winning an entrepreneurship challenge. The product was called ServicePoint and it was a mobile webapp backed with a NodeJS API that allowed bars / restaurants / hotels customers to order with their own smartphone. The product didn't succeed after 1y and half of business development.

Since then, I've worked with Roku channels (applications) using BrightScript, NodeJS APIs and ReactJS frontend applications.

Recently I joined the digital nomad world and have been travelling while working remotely as a Senior Frontend Engineer.

Main Skills:

Javascript / ECMAScript
Software Engineering
Gitlab CI/CD
Agile / Scrum


Get in touch via em.susejotrebor@tniopyrtne, @RobertoRJ or LinkedIn

Other than work

Keeping myself up to date regarding new technologies, loving my partner, travel and cold beer is basically what I do on my free time.