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I am a Software Engineer focused on web development, code maintenance and DevOps culture. I did my education on Informatics Engineering which is some sort of Computer Science in Madeira's University.

I've been exploring the web since the beginning. My first application was in fact a website back in 2005. Later in my master thesis I explored the world of web advertising and monetising web platforms.

Right after I finished university I tried to build a business with other 2 colleagues after winning an entrepreneurship challenge. The product was called ServicePoint but it didn't succeed after 1 year and half of development. We built a mobile webapp backed with a resilient NodeJS API.

Since then I've worked with Roku channels (applications) using BrightScript, more NodeJS APIs and ReactJS frontend applications.

Experienced with:

  • Javascript environment (ECMAScript standards)
  • NodeJS applications and SSR (Server side rendering)
  • ReactJS for frontend applications
  • CI/CD and 1-click deployment
  • NoSQL databases like MongoDB
  • Functional Programming
  • Agile Methods and Scrum

Keep in touch em.susejotrebor@tniopyrtne, @RobertoRJ or LinkedIn

Other than work

I love sports, mostly football and a couple more. I support the portuguese team Sporting also know as Sporting Lisbon. Hang out with friends and enjoy a cold beer having a good laugh is something precious for me :) And last but not least, I also enjoy travelling! Who doesn't? To meet new people, cultures and languages are definitely one of my fav hobbies.