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Hello World 2

Hey fellas! This is my first post on my new blog!

You might have noticed that I’m using GatsbyJS, I’ve reused the Hello World example and I didn’t even touch the layout so far. Yeah, I know… I’m pretty lazy sometimes!

First, I tend to reuse everything that I can, and secondly, I’m not the typical frontend guy with awesome design skills. I enjoy software development either front or back 'end. Does it make me a fullstack developer? Not sure :)

Regarding this blog, it has been developed using some good tech that has been around for a while but has becoming more mature and popular in the last couple years. Yes, I am talking about ReactJS and Webpack module bundler.

In order to get it up & running, I found out GatsbyJS framework which allows us to easily generate a brand new static website with React. It allowed me to finally deploy my own personal website with such a small effort. Remember that complex stuff never gets properly deployed.

To deploy this blog I used the free plan of Surge.sh, this service that allows us to host static websites (similar to GitHub Pages). Surge.sh documentation is very clear and easy to follow, I totally recommend for this kind of static webpages.

Calling it a day! I’m sure I’ll write a lot more interesting things in the future. :)

Posted July 26, 2017

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